In Other Media

The cover illustration of "Sunken Castle, Evil Poodle", showcasing treasure hunters confronting an evil poodle, set into a video icon.

I encourage people to share and rework the tales I translate, which is why I put all my translations under a Creative Commons Zero license. And it is always a special treat when I do so. Here are thus some podcasts and videos that reference my work. Please support them by liking and subscribing to them!



Interviews and Panel Discussions

In these, I give my own two cents in person:

  • Of Gods and Gamemasters:
    • Myth and Monsters: Kobolds! featuring Jurgen Hubert! Twitch

RPG Adaptions

I consider modern tabletop role-playing games to be one of the legitimate successors to the oral folk storytelling of old (alongside fan fiction, of course). Thus, I thoroughly enjoy it when someone takes one of these tales and uses them as inspiration for their role-playing ames:

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