This is the homepage of Sunken Castles, Evil Poodles, an ongoing project striving to translate old German folklore tales. Right now, there are two ways you can read these tales:

The book: A collection of the first 155 tales that were translated.

The Patreon campaign: All translations are initially published here, with a new text featuring 1,000+ words of translations and commentary being published every Monday. Patrons get access to different material depending on the tier they support:

  • Enthusiast-level Patrons get access to the weekly texts.
  • Scholar-level Patrons receive the ebook manuscript draft of the next edition of the book, in both PDF and EPUB formats.
  • Explorer-level Patrons can submit monthly suggestions for topics that I will explore in my translations.

Furthermore, all translations (though not my personal commentary) are released under a Creative Commons Zero license – allowing anyone to reuse and republish these tales for any purpose, without any restrictions.